Shaped by Rich Price
5’11’’ x 18.5’’ x 2.37’’
Volume: 26.75L

This high performance board has a deep single concave and accelerated tail rocker from the front fins back through the tail.
It’s for airs and carves in the pocket.


6’4’’ x 21.5’’ x 2.5’’
Volume: 31.4L

Range from 5’4” to 6’8”
Surf from 1 ft to 4 ft
Great all arround Little fun board for a little grom just starting to surf as well a more advanced surfer.


shaped by Rich Price
5’4’’ x 20’’ x 2.6’’
Volume: 30.56L

This classic fish shape incorporates both old and new design concepts. It has plenty of width and thickness throughout the board and along with flat rocker this gives you a board that is easy to paddle and has lots
of speed. The bottom configuration is flat from the nose and through the middle into vee in the tail. It is suggested that you ride it either as a quad fin or the classic twin fin set up.


Design by Pete Dooley
5’10’’ x 20.2’’ x 2.5’’
Volume: 30.2L

This board is an alternative
design with an emphasis on high perfomance. It is designed for those days when you need the board to genarate speed because the waves are small and weak. It follows the simple formula os turning easy and going fast.

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